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About Lintas Bahasa

Lintas Bahasa

Lintas Bahasa magazine was first incepted by Translation Center, Faculty of Letters University of Indonesia (FSUI),in July 1993 as a Special Edition bringing the theme “Basics of Translation”. The second, third and fourth editions were published respectively in July 1993, July 1995, and November 1995. Its irregular publication indicated that Translation Center was then still seeking a suitable form for publication of a specialized journal on translation. It was later decided that it was published three times annually in March, July and November. A journal of this kindwas first to be published in Indonesia and it remains the only one. Internationally, for example,Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs (FIT), established in consultation with UNESCO, has two types of journal: Babel, which publishes articles and book reviews on theory of translation, and Translatio,which publishesarticles on translation and news on FIT activities and other translation events.



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